NWBC Agenda


Brewster Ladies Library



Accounting Update

Sign Sponsor Update                                                                                                                              Michele Treese

  • Lost Friends Marketplace
  • Lost Orleans Bowling Center
  • Available: 3 Gold Sponsors
  • Available: 10+ Silver Sponsors
  • Available: 10+ Bronze Sponsors

New outdoor banner:

  • 6 years of outdoor use
  • 6'x2' which would be $30 each
  • 6'x3' which would be $40 each


Donation for Kenny Higgins – Basketball scorekeeper                                                           Paul Bohannon

August 29th event details

  • Banner
  • Gold Sign
  • Tables
    • Membership
    • Concessions
    • Signage
    • Gear
  • Buttons/name tags ordered – board members, members. See attached
  • Food – Grill stations
  • Concessions volunteers for serving


Mike Moore
















New Business

  • Vote on Secretary (again) position
  • Review website responsibilities/training/usefulness
  • Ocean Edge Event – March 21st
    • Need chairperson & committee (event, food, activities)


Nauset Warrior Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Monday, June 17th, 2019


Present: Jen Heamer, John Mattson, Faith Rushnak, Amy Lucy, Mike Moore, Rhonda Sandison, Kevin Lowey, Bruce Riley, Lisa Still, Paul Bohannon, Dawn O’Neill.

Meeting opened at 6:00 pm

  • Minutes from prior meeting, Monday, May 6th, were approved.
  • Nauset Strong Award to Mike Moore mentioned. Well-deserved praise for Mike all around!
    • Consensus to make the award a spring only once a year award.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Faith went over numbers.
    • Memorial Day Tournament snack sales were excellent.
      • Issue with signing up volunteers. Website did not work.  Dawn will go back to old way.
    • Boosters will need to lend to Turf account to make last payment. Vote in August to approve.
    • Faith discussed logistics of payment for football sled. Matter settled. 
    • Report approved.


  • Middle School Boosters
    • Faith made a summary of their activities, including Bass or Fail fundraiser. Middle school Boosters are asking to use Booster website
    • Lisa will become new Middle School Booster liaison with Nauset Boosters.
    • Middle School Boosters amendment to by laws moved and approved.
  • Booster Officers
    • President Jen Heamer, Vice President Rhonda Sandison, Treasurer Faith Rushnak, and new Secretary, Lisa Still all moved and approved.
  • Sign Update
    • Guapo’s sign coming down
    • New Sotheby’s sign is up.
    • New sub-committee was formed to focus on signs, including the following members: Kevin Lowey, John Mattson, Scott Yelle, Faith Rushnak, and possibly John Terrio.
    • Booster signs will be designed for empty spots.
  • Back to School Picnic, 8/29
    • Booster table selling Nauset Card, gear, possibly food
    • Reach out/recruit/inform new parents of Booster mission
    • Possibly get CC Potato Chips to sponsor
    • Raffle for a prize possible – Faith has old scratch tickets. Rhonda will investigate whether they are still valid.
      • Jen will make a design for table raffle.
    • Discussion of fundraising strategy going forward
      • Ellsasser is against over-taxing local businesses, especially at a time when new school tax increases are on the horizon.
      • Issue of teams doing own fundraising.
        • Kevin suggested that Boosters take 10% from any team funds independently raised for the effort of accounting that Boosters provide.


  • Close of Meeting: 7:21 pm

Monthly Business Meting

Monday, May 6th, 2019 – 6pm

Nauset School library



Welcome – Jen

April Meeting Minutes Review – Jen

Bohannon Scholarship Awards - John

Memorial Day Tournament Sign Up form on website – Dawn

Senior Athlete Night 

ByLaws Review

  • See email attached

Open positions for 2019-2020

  • Secretary

$10 Membership card sales

  • Advertising/promoting

Team requests

  • Track – 2 discuses and 1 javelin $295.00

June Annual Meeting Requirements

  • Vote on by-law amendment for Middle School spin off

Close of Meeting


Nauset Warrior Booster Club Meeting Minutes
Monday, April 1, 2019
Brewster Ladies Library - 6pm

Attendance: Jen Heamer-President; Rhonda Sandison-VP; Faith Rushnak-Treasurer; Pam Miller-Secretary; Kevin Lowey-EFC Chair; Paul Bohannon; Lisa Still; Scott Yelle; Amy Lucy; and Keith Kenyon (filling in for John Mattson).

March 2019 Meeting Minutes):  Review by all in attendance.

Motion to accept meeting minutes by: Kevin; 2nd: Lisa S- Adopted

Evening for Champions:

  • Kevin stated that he sent a thank you to the Cape Codder, and thanks the Committee for their assistance with the event.
  • The numbers were low this year, for a number of reasons/conflicts for the night, but overall it was a success.
  • Some discussion on how to improve sales and overall event for next year to attract Alumni, community, and new families.
  • We hope to attract more members of the planning committee for 2019-2020, that are not current members of the board to spread the work out a bit.
  • Pam will approach Brewster Little League to raffle tickets for left over Baseball Camp Baskets at Opening Day. Will follow up with them and arrange.  Profits will be split with the league.
  • Nauset Lamps did not sell at EFC - We plan to add to website for $300 ea and will advertise as Grad Gifts. Plan to reach out to Alumni as well.

Financial Update:
- Faith presented the budget.  Due to some decrease in sign sales and profit from EFC, we may need to look at other options for the last payment on turf.  TBA in a future meeting.

  • Jen will inquire if Michele can attend and give up date and plan on new sign sales. Will seek additional members for that committee for 2019-20

Motion to accept Financial Report by:Lisa S; 2nd: Paul B - Adopted


Middle School Update:

  • Faith met with the MS Boosters - 4 passionate parents
  • They are ordering MS Booster Stickers
  • They have a plan to sell non perishable snacks at sports - $ to be held in NWBC Account for them.
  • Fishing Tournament is planned for June 22 - they are working on logistics and sponsors at this time. They will hold a post tourney party at Hogg Island.

Sports Update:

  • Keith filled in for John M. No real reports from the department.
  • Baseball team requesting use of Grill. NWBC rents for $50


New Business

  • NWBC Membership sales will end on Friday April 5 - prior to Bohannon Scholarship Deadline. Pam will advertise on NWBC Site and Facebook. 
  • As of April 6, 2019 - all Discount Cards will be sold for $10

Agenda Items Going Forward:
ByLaws Review to April Meeting
New Open Positions on Board 2019-2020

Bohannon Scholarship Awards

Close of Meeting: 7:30pm

Next Meeting:  Monday - May 6, 2019; Nauset HS Library - 6pm


Monthly Business Meeting

Monday, April 1st, 2019 - 6pm

Brewster Ladies Library




Welcome – Jen


March Meeting Minutes Review – Jen


Evening for Champions Recap- Kevin


Turf Update - Michelle


Financial Update – Faith


Middle School Spin Off Status - Faith


New Business

John Terrio – Football equipment status

Nauset Card discussion on sales

Indoor Track Request – Keith Kenyon

Website question – thoughts on adding agenda’s & minutes (where on site)

Open positions for next year


Close of Meeting

March 4th, 2019 Minutes

Nauset Warrior Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Monday, March 4, 2019

Nauset HS Library - 6pm

Attendance: Jen Heamer-President; Rhonda Sandison-VP; Faith Rushnak-Treasurer; Pam Miller-Secretary; Kevin Lowey-EFC Chair; Paul Bohannon; Mike Moore; Lisa Still; Scott Yelle; Dawn O’Neill; Karen Seidewand; Bruce Riley; Lisa DeLong; Amy Lucy; John Mattson and guest Rich Terrio


February 2019 Meeting Minutes (note Mtg on Jan 31): Review by all in attendance. Motion to accept meeting minutes for both months by:Paul; 2nd: Bruce - Adopted


Evening for Champions:

- Kevin updated the board as to where we are in finalized planning.

- There was a discussion of who would help which which aspect of the event.

- Ticket sales are still low. The board needs to keep reaching out to increase sales.

- Baskets are almost all in, and many silent auction items are still coming in.

- All other aspects are in place at this point.

- Set up will begin at 3pm

- At this time, the board has decided not to use the online bidding aspect due to low ticket sales, but will offer the lamps with a greater giving campaign to try to increase our numbers.


Financial Update:

- No real updates with regard to money.

- The financial audit is complete.

- We are on track to make final payments on Turf this calendar year.


Middle School Update:

- Faith met with the new “Nauset Middle School Boosters”

- They are looking at ordering Booster Stickers

- They have been working on a possible fundraiser

- They are going to contribute a basket to the EFC


Sports Update:

- John M reports that winter season is wrapping up and it was good.

- Some teams had some losses in the finals but overall great work by the athletes

- Winter Sports Awards Night 3/12/19 6pm

- Spring Coaches Mtg this coming week at the Fairway 4pm

- Senior Athlete Night 5/19/19 at the Brewster Baptist Church (Jen will be absent due to her son’s college graduation.

- Parent open House is June 1

- Bohannon Scholarship Apps were left off the scholarship packet and can be obtained by John M by the students directly or by email; those are due 4/10 - Paul Bohannon and John report that the 2020 Bohannon Scholarships will be reworked.


New Business

John Terrio presents a 2nd quote for the football sled, as requested by the board, as per our ByLaws.

- John hopes to host several fundraisers and raise $3K for the sleds and is asking the board for $2K to assist with the purchase.

- There is an option for a payment plan, tax-free, (ie, buy in June and pay by October).

- The board sug

gests seeking out a grant for equipment, asks if the HS will be contributing, which we believe it is not. Motion to tentatively agree to pay $2K if Football Team can not come up with the full amount by: Karen; 2nd: Lisa S - Adopted


Mike Moore asks to discuss recycle bins for snack bar. - There is an option to purchase 5ea at $199.69 ea; and use the current biodegradable bags. The students in charge of the recycle club will empty those. - The board suggests checking with our current supplier of trash Nauset Disposal first.


Agenda Items Going Forward:

ByLaws Review to April Meeting

Review of Evening for Champions

Membership Finalized Document for Bohannon Scholarship Awards


Close of Meeting: 7:05pm

Next Meeting: Monday - April 1; Brewster Ladies Library - 6pm