Montly Meeting Minutes - Pending Approval By the Board
Monday, October 5, 2020
Virtual via Zoom due to Covid
Attendace: Jen Heamer, Rhonda Sandison, Faith Rushnak, Pam Miller, Paul Bohannon, Dawn O'Neil, Lisa Still, Amy Lucy, Laura Handville, Melanie O'Keefe, Kevin Lowey, John Terrio and John Mattson

Welcome - Jen

Financial Update - Faith

Athletic Director Update

Nauset Card Update

BTB&G - Scott & Jen

Gear Update - Lisa

New Business

New Members - Board Positions

Close of Meeting - Jen
Next Meeting: Monday, December 7, 2020 - 6pm via Zoom


Monthly Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 8 - 6pm (changed day due to Labor Day)
Virtual via Zoom
Jean Heamer, Faith Rushnak, Pam Miller, Kevin Lowey, Paul Bohannon, Dawn O'Neil, Lisa Still, Amy Lucy, Laura Handville, Melanie O'Keefe, and John Mattson, AD

Meeting Minutes: 
Motion to approve August Meeting Minutes by Faith, Scott Second - Motion Adopted

Fianancial Upate:
July/August Financials reviewed by Faith

  • Numbers continue to look good

  • Some Bohannon Scholarship Monies not claimed due to various Covid Situations, students choosing to forego a semester, etc. Faith will f/u with students, to get a better handle on what is happening in this unique environment/situation.
    Check your line item for budget purposes and let faith know by Mid-Sept if you have changes

  • Dawn asked if Faith had been in touch with Mike M re: Concession money, and Faith said no, Dawn offered to f/u with Mike as he is stepping down from the Board due to other commitments.

  • Motion to approve Financial Report by Lisa, Melanie Second - Motion Adopted

Athletic Director Report:

  • A task force in-state has been meeting regularly to give guidance to local schools. In addition the Cape League meets regularly, (almost daily) to discuss various changes and recommendations. 

  • As a result there will be changes and modifications across all sports to adhere to guidelines and do our best to bring sports to all seasons.
    4 Seasons vs 3
    Fall I: 9/21/20-11/20/20
    Fall II - 2/22-4/25
    Winter - 11/30-2/21/21
    Spring - 4/26-7/3/21 (similar to Fall when sports start before school opens, they will linger past school closing)

  • Due to Volleyball being an indoor sport, it was moved out some. Please note, that changes are likely to come as seasons start to ramp up, there are still some questions related to close contact (ie wrestling and indoor sports). 

  • Football will be allowed to start practice 3x/wk x 4/wks - 12 sessions; mostly for conditioning.

  • We will play a few local schools: DY, Falmouth, Sandwich, Bourne and maybe Monomoy. Fall tournaments are cancelled all together, there is a possibility of a league tournament but it will not be the same and will be modified.

  • Registration has just opened for Fall I and transportation logistics are still being discussed.

  • Athletes will be able to earn up for 4 Varsity Letters

  • John is aware that there are some student run clinics happening but it is unrelated to the school.

Nauset Card /Membership Update:

  • Cards pending arrival from Curley Direct, any day.
  • Discussion on sales for those. John states discussion with Principal Elsasser resulted in a decision that students can not sell publicly. The boosters will find alternate ways to sell.
  • Discussion about asking our sponsors to sell in businesses, after Ken T of Hole in One offered to sell in their locations. 
  • Pam to set up a spreadsheet for boosters to note who they approached re: selling and to share with the group to make notes.
  • Pam to email all who ordered in the past and post on social media pages
  • This group has decided that team sales will not happen and businesses are not to sell only for one team, we found this unfair as many teams are questionable and may have to make so many adjustments. For the 2020-21 seasons we will have all card sales evenly benefit all teams. Some incentives were discussed and tabled until we see how initial sales start ramping up.
  • Students will not be required to sell, but encouraged and if they choose to sell some, they will ask John, AD to issue. John will encourage coaches to assist with sales, but many are making changes and adjustments to their seasons and he is unsure how this idea will be received. If teams wish to sell, we will assign a booster to each town to be the point of contact. Paul offered to cover Eastham. No volunteers for Brewster, Wellfleet, Orleans at this time. Pam can easily cover if necessary.
  • Some discussion on parent volunteers selling at stores vs students, the group decided that parents have too much already on their plates with virtual learning, and more.
  • Gold Memberships will NOT include free varsity entrance for 2020-21 due to no spectators at sporting events until further notice. Incentives will be discussed in Oct

Gear Update:

  • Boosters Motion to order Nauset Masks for all athletes at 500 x $5 = $2500; mockup to be donated as a 1x by Scott Y at NE Sales; and Boosters will cover the cost. Masks will be given to athletes at no cost. 

New Business:

  • Letter for BTB&G Ticket refund or donation was compiled, reviewed and accepted by President & Treasurer will go out asap to all ticket holders and sponsors of BTB&G
  • Ariel Leonard has emailed Jen to request membership on the board, she has some experience on previous boards - was unable to join us tonight. We look forward to meeting her.
  • Basket Raffle was tabled to October Meeting due to time constraints at this meeting

New Business:




Meeting Adjourned: 7:20pm
Next Meeting: Monday, October 5, 2020 - 6pm via Zoom

Monday, Aug 3, 2020

6pm Due to COVID-19 - Meeting Via Zoom

Attendance: Jen Heamer-President, Rhonda Sandison-Vice President, Pam Miller-Secretary, Scott Yelle, Lisa Still, Kevin Lowey, Melanie, Dawn O’Neil, John Mattson, Paul Bohannon 

Meeting Minutes July Meeting Minutes Approval, Motion to approve Scott, Melanie Second

Financial Update July Financials tabled for September Meeting - Faith Unavailable 

Nauset Card Update
Curley has mockup - Hopefully by August 14th Cards Available for September 1 Sales 3rd/4th weekend of Sept. Add a perk for the purchase. Possibly have sales of 1 hr with athlete(s) and a parent. (one family at a time) Possible having local realtors buy them or offer them to new homeowners Maybe advertise in Cape Cod Times and The Cape Codder (Matt Rice) for cards. Possibly send at just the hotspots and maybe at the businesses on the card. 

Athletic Director Update
Sports are delayed further into the season per John M. No information on whether spectators are allowed or not. Masks on sidelines, not during play. This would mean a shortened fall season. The dates right now are not clear. At this time, it appears the Winter Season is due to start on time. There are some discussions still happening. 

John hopes to update us as he learns more. It is possible we will have parents opt out, to have the student playing. He will send updates as they come in. 

Gear Update
Rhonda is going to find out if we have a mock up at the front office for masks, and look at ordering them. 

New Business
Online Auction: Discussion of hosting this after the Nauset Card Blitz at the end of Oct or early Nov. Nauset Cards may be added into sale with (ie. 100 available) at a fixed price. 

Pam to pull together letters(s) for Faith to review for the ticket refunds. Once letters are done, Lisa will talk with table sponsors and Kevin will talk with Cape Cod Five. 

Question from Kevin: Is running an afternoon clinic an option in substitution of sports? John states he has been talking to the Principal about the possibility of having an intramural program (if allowed). He has already spoken to his coaches about this possibility and they are on board. It just takes out the travel and interaction with other schools. 

Sept Agenda
Online Auction Nauset Card Update Athletic Director Update Discussion of letter for ticket refund 

Close of Meeting: 6:50pm

September Mtg will possibly be on Tuesday Sept 8 due to the Labor Day Holiday. Will confirm with a calendar invite. 



Nauset Warrior Booster Club Monthly Meeting Minutes
Monday - July 7, 2020
Location: Virtual Zoom Call Due to COVID-10 - 6pm

Minutes Monday - July 7, 2020
Virtual Zoom Call Due to COVID-10 - 6pm 

Attendance: Jen Heamer-Pres, Rhonda Sandison-VP, Faith Rushnak-Treasurer, Pam Miller-Secty, Kevin Lowey, Scott Yelle, Lisa Still, Melanie O’Keefe, Amy Lucy, Paul Bohannon and John Mattson, AD 

Prior Meeting Minutes:
Motion to approve May Minutes : Faith; Second: Amy - Motion Adopted 

Financial Update: 

  • Faith presented Financial Statements 
  • In good shape with $27.7 in bank as a few transactions have happened 
  • Audit Update and discussion of price is in line with what they are charging. 
  • Cost of Hudl System - John to update on this. 
  • Thank you note came in from photographer for year end gift. Motion to approve Report: Pam Second: Jen - Financials Accepted. 


  • Lisa has been taking several orders online.
  • Lisa to work on shipping and will do $10 flat fee, as it is near impossible to determine the cost of each order under current circumstances. She will fix it on the website. 
  • She entered the snack bar for items and there was a mouse problem. She temporarily fixed it, but we will need to address this. 
  • Please mark delivered, if anyone fills an order 

Athletic Director Update: 

  • Hopeful for a fall start, but making alternate plans with coaches if unable to start. 
  • HUDL - due to the situation, they will charge for 3 consecutive seasons at last year's rates. John to check if they will credit us for Spring 2020 
  • MIAA did not refund any schools due to their expenses 
  • Likely no in person Aug Mtg for Fall Sports - plans in order for online meeting 


  • At this time, NWBC is pending the re-schedule of the Boost the Black & Gold Event (formerly known as Evening for Champions) due to COVID-19 shutdowns in Winter 2020. It is not looking promising that we will hold this event. 
  • Possible OnLine Auction of Team Baskets if event is not able to be held. Will check on cost effective options. 
  • Nauset Card plan is going forward. Rhonda is working on this and we will work as a team to update and connect with card sponsors. Email to follow on contact information. We will offer cards only to sell, and stickers for sponsors to display on businesses (Pam to handle those). 
  • Some discussion on how to sell those cards with students. Estimated 300+ students? Possible ideas for each student to have an allotted number to sell. Should Boosters keep 100% of sales, with an incentive of $10/card after incentive met? Will continue to discuss. To be discussed in a Nauset Card Specific Mtg in 2 weeks via Zoom. All welcome to attend. 
  • Hall of Fame to be delayed, John will let the committee know. 

Other Business: 

  • No new business at this time. 

Next Meeting Monday, Aug 3 - 6pm - Via Zoom 
Monthly Meeting Nauset Warrior Booster Club
Monday - June 1, 2020
Location: Virtual Zoom Call Due to COVID-10 - 6pm

Attendance: Jen Heamer-Pres, Rhonda Sandison-VP, Faith Rushnak-Treasurer, Pam Miller-Secty, Kevin Lowey, Lisa Still, Melanie O’Keefe, Dawn O’Neil, Laura Handville, Amy Lucy and John Mattson, AD 

Prior Meeting Minutes: Motion to approve May Minutes : Faith; Second: Rhonda - Motion Adopted 

Announcement: John and Sarah Mattson have welcomed a baby girl on May 13th! Huge shout out to the new parents and a thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you did for our Athletes! Sarah assisted John with packaging items for athletes and setting up the routes for the delivery crew! 

Financial Update: 

  • Faith presented Financial Statements 
  • In good shape with $27.5 in bank and a few outstanding payments still to make 
  • Audit Update and discussion of price ($7K) 
  • Scholarships Awarded ($8K) 
  • Cost for Sr Athlete Awards & Gifts, Spring Awards 
  • Photographer Gift $500 approved by committee for services provided to Nauset Sports and assistance with end of year photos. 
  • Cost of Hudl System (used primarily by 10-12 teams) has changed and increased. Motion to approve Report: Jen Second: Lisa - Financials Accepted. 

Nauset Cards

  • Discussion on whether it is appropriate during COVID-19 business recovery to market Nauset Cards (our largest fundraiser to kick off fall). 
  • A decision is made to send letters, respectful of businesses, with option to participate for 2020-21. 
  • Nauset Card sales will be simplified to card and letter only to buyers - No Stickers, No Magnets for buyers. This will significantly decrease cost. 
  • Letter of Thank You and Supporter Stickers to Business Sponsors of NWBC 
  • Discussion in August as to how we will sell cards in fall, depending on school opening, team play, etc. 


  • At this time, NWBC is pending the re-schedule of the Boost the Black & Gold Event (formerly known as Evening for Champions) due to COVID-19 shutdowns in Winter 2020. 
  • Ocean Edge is open to rescheduling with us, but must prioritize cancelled weddings and dates for NWBC are pending NRHS School Opening Plan 
  • Possible OnLine Auction of Team Baskets if event is not able to be held. 
  • Other Fundraising Ideas are discussed. 
  • Ideas for Fundraising should be emailed to prior to July meeting for discussion 
  • Grants can be researched to cover some costs associated with necessary items such as Hudl. 

Other Business: 

  • Discussion of possible internship opportunity to assist NWBC with social media, etc. Possible reach out to 4Cs for a college student? John already has several HS interns who assist him at the HS 
  • It was decided that due to the COVID-19 Shutdown, we would continue with monthly meetings via Zoom, until further notice and without a summer break, as changes and developments are frequent. 


Nauset Warriors Booster Club Monthly Meeting

Monday - May 4, 2020
Location - Virtual via Zoom

Attendance: Jen Heamer, President, Rhonda Sandison, Vice President, Faith Rushnak, Treasurer, Pam Miller, Secretary, Kevin Lowey, Lisa Still, Paul Bohannon, Melanie O'Keefe, Mike Moore, Amy Lucy, Dawn O’Neil, Kevin Lowey, Laura Handville and John Mattson 

Prior Meeting Minutes: Motion to approve: Lisa; Second: Faith - Motion Adopted 

Financial Update: - Faith Rushnak presented Financial Statements - All is well 

  • As discussed in April 2020, $1,500 moved over to PayPal to cover any refunds that may be requested, due to the postponed BTB&G Event. 
  • 2 Table Sponsor Checks have been cleared into the account 
  • A donation was received via Paul Bohannon in memory of Mike Margotta and will be forwarded to Faith for deposit. 

March Financials: Motion to approve: Jen; Second: Pam - Motion Adopted April Financials: Will be forwarded under separate cover and voted on in June 

Boost The Black & Gold 

  • John spoke to John McCarthy re: use of Pelham House for our BTB&G which has been rescheduled to the fall. John states he is currently working to reschedule various weddings and dates might be scarce. He will be able to accommodate mid-week but is unable to comment on weekends until he has the weddings rescheduled. 
  • Jen will follow up with Ocean Edge to see where they are in terms of rescheduling and if they will be able to accommodate our event in the fall. 
  • Some discussion regarding Fall 2020 is scheduled to be a Hall of Fame year. We have discussed the possibility of moving it to Spring 2021. 
  • We have decided not to Poll the Community at this time. 

Bohannon Scholarships 2020 

  • 21 Applicants Applied this year. 1 was disqualified for non-member status. The committee decided on recipients and will award $8,000 at Sr Athlete Awards. 

Sports Update 

  • Spring Sports has been cancelled due to state regulations related to closure of schools due to COVID-19 
  • Spring Sports athletes who would have earned an award will get one. This will be determined by all students who registered for Spring Sports. 
  • Athletes will receive their awards via a Nauset Parade (315 Houses) consisting of AD, AT, Coaches and this committee. John M will compile a map and schedule. Parade tentative for June 1,2,3 
  • Senior Athletes will be honored with a virtual presentation which will air on May 28th via YouTube Premier - more information to follow from John, as it nears. The evening will include all awards normally offered to students, along with Bohannon Scholarships. All products have been ordered and will be picked up and packaged by John M. Athletes come from most towns on Cape Cod, with the bulk from Brewster. 
  • Pam to post a Save The Date on Social Media 
  • Pam to send Community Service Hours to the HS as per request from Dawn O’Neil. 


  • Melanie who helped pen our ByLaws, did a review and determined that in light of the COVID-19 situation, the Board can vote to keep positions in place for an extended time, with a vote. All members agreed to this. 
  • Lisa Still made a motion, The Executive Board positions to be extended through October 5, 2021 pending an annual meeting and voting of new people. Second by Amy, All approved. 

Other Business: 

  • NWBC will honor Faith Rushnak on Sr Athlete Night. An advocate for Nauset Sports in and outside of this committee, she has worked diligently to bring out financials current, and to bring new ideas to the group. This committee thanks Faith for all she does for NWBC and our Athletes. John added that he gets compliments from the coaches on Faith’s style of management of funds and she is a pleasure to work with. 
  • Discussion of Sign and Nauset Card Sponsors/Sales. It was decided by this committee, after a short discussion that this committee will not ask for sponsorships at this time due to COVID. We want to support our community businesses and help them recover, and that does not include ask for sponsorship. We will discuss again in the fall. 

Meeting adjourned @ 6:50:PM  

Nauset Warrior Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Monday - April 6, 2020
Location - Virtual Zoom Meeting

Nauset Warrior Booster Club Meeting Minutes Monday - April 6, 2020 Virtual Mtg Via Zoom Due to COVID-19 — 6pm 

Attendance: Jen Heamer, Rhonda Sandison, Faith Rushnak, Pam Miller, Kevin Lowey, Amy Lucy, Dawn O’Neil (had to leave early), Melanie O’Keefe, Lisa Still and John Mattson 

February Meeting Minutes: Motion to approve: Faith; Jen Second: - Motion Adopted 

Discussion of Cancelled Events - BTB&G - Ocean Edge - we have until end of year to reschedule. - Faith has the baskets at her home. - There were a few fees to cover the already purchased food. They will adjust some pricing with our 

reschedule to assist with putting event back on the books. - Nauset Hall Of Fame Year is this year., we would like to push out to every 3-5 yrs. it is up for 

discussion. - Considering a schedule in the fall for this year and going forward, and timing between fall/winter. - John McCarthy has offered use of the Pelham House Resort in E Dennis. - Discussion of scheduling on a Sunday again? It will depend on availability and space. - John will follow up with Pelham House on Pricing and Availability for 150-200 people. - He will not make any agreement, just investigative pricing. - No Announcements until we have rescheduled - Possibly a poll on FB to decide when/where, etc.? 

Financial Update: - Faith presents current budget - They look good and she will forward to members after the meeting - We have paid for netting and sound. - Note that this includes monies received from the cancelled BTB&G - There are some monies in our PayPal Account for ticket sales. As discussed with the board, Faith will leave it in there so that if a family asks for a refund it will go right back to them vs mailing a check. - Motion to approve. Will Motion to approve during May Mtg 

Bohannon Scholarships: - John states that the committee is set. Lisa, Jen, Paul/Audrey, and both vice principals. - Deadline extended to April 15th. - Several scholarships have come in and he is expecting a few more. - Committee will review, score on rubric and determine amounts and recipients. Takes 1-2 weeks - Hopeful to be ready for May 1 

Athletic Director Update: - Virtual Award Night was successful for Winter Sports - Spring Season: Has been pushed back several times, pending Practices starting May 4th and 

wrapping up June 12. 10 day window for tournaments and all commencing June 27 - Schedules are done and ready. He is hoping for a season. - Dawn asked about Memorial Day Tournament, which will likely be cancelled. He does not know yet. - Netting and Sound System is done and looks great. 

Gear: - Lisa offers to get gear to people, but all gear is in the school. - John states that the school is closed and off limits. Gates are locked, etc. 

Moving Forward - Ideas, Plans, Board Vacancies: - With the year being unsure, we are not sure how to move forward. - We will be unable to recruit for newt year. - Question: Can we continue to Sept with the ByLaws The officers can stay in place until a successor 

is in place to take the role. - Melanie will review the ByLaws and we will discuss in May 

Open Discussion: Nothing new. 

Next Meeting Monday - May 4 , 2020 - 6pm - (Pending Location) - Monthly Meeting 

May Agenda: - Follow Up from discussion with John McCarthy at Pelham Resort - Do we want to do a poll of folks? - Discussion of spring sports and Memorial Day Tournament - Discussion of ByLaws and Melanie will report 




Nauset Warrior Booster Club Meeting Minutes
Monday - March 2, 2020
Location - NRHS Library 

Attendance: Jen Heamer, President, Rhonda Sandison, Vice President, Faith Rushnak, Treasurer, Lisa Still, Paul Bohannon, Melanie O’Keefe, Mike Moore, Amy Lucy, Dawn O’Neil, Kevin Lowey, Laura Handville (visitor) and John Mattson 

Prior Meeting Minutes: Motion to approve: Lisa; Second: Faith - Motion Adopted 

Financial Update: (Faith to review and edit) - Faith Rushnak presented Financial Statements - All is well 

- Discussion of unclaimed Scholarship from 2019 Grad. 

- Lisa S made a motion to approve forfeit $800 of scholarship. Rhonda Second. 

- Motion to approve $7200 + 800 to = $8,000 total for 2020 Scholarship Fund

Motion to approve Financials to date: Kevin Second: Pam Motion Adopted. 

Boost The Black & Gold 

- Set Up Crew at 2pm - Faith, Jen, Lisa, Amy, John and Pam 

- Speakers: Jen, John, Kevin 

- Check In: Amy and Melanie & Check Out: Faith, Lisa and Jen 

- Many sports baskets have been received, John is working on the rest 

- Dawn and Pam to cover wine grab; Rhonda will cover Lottery Tickets

Sports Update 

- Winter sports meeting & meal went well 

- Not all teams made it to the “meal” due to practices going right to meeting time

- Some teams brought in pizza as if they didn’t know we were serving a meal 

- Spring sports meeting to be held in 3 separate breakout sessions (i.e. teams assigned rooms and the Boosters, Michele and John will rotate between the rooms to give their portion of the meeting to have a more captive audience)

- Netting Cost $6,000 will have removable poles - due for a 3/16/20 install by ProFence 

- Discussion on it is removable and where it will be stored when not in use off season 

- Repairs will be made upon install of the fence guarding 

- Overall, Winter Season was good for athletes. Boys/Girls V Basketball won to the tournament level. Girls V Ice Hockey also went to tournament level for the first time and was bumped to another division for the tournament. Wrestling had several members head to tournament levels. Track won their Division 4 State Championship. 

- AD would like to recognize Coach Nobili and Asst Coaches along with the 7 members of the team who achieved status, with banner, ring, plaque. We will review the exact cost at the April Meeting. Motion to approve: 7 rings for girls and additional for coaches not to exceed $7,000 Jen Second. 

- Request for Record Board Update decals for indoor track x 12-14 and swimming x 2 

- Spring Meeting scheduled for 3/19/20, NWBC will provide hot dog meals (Mike to order) 

Billingsgate Tournament 3/21/20 Update 

- Snack Bar Coverage: Melanie, Faith, Rhonda, Jen will cover. 

- Food: Pizza, Coffee, Donuts 

- Concessions will run 9-3pm 

Other Business: 

- Rhonda has attended the Chamber of Commerce Events, with good feedback. 

- Ken from Hole in One has offered to cover 50% of the cost for our Orleans Membership as he feels it would help us a great deal. 

Items to be included on next monthly agenda: 

- Meet at Jens Monday Night at 6pm to wrap up any last minute decorations, etc. or the BTB&G event.

Meeting Adjourned: 6:50pm
Next Meeting
Monday, May 4,  2020 - 6pm – Location Pending due to COVID-19


Nauset Warrior Booster Club Meeting Minutes
Monday - February 3, 2020
Location - Brewster Ladies Library 

Attendance: Jen Heamer, President, Rhonda Sandison, Vice President, Faith Rushnak, Treasurer,
Pam Miller, Secretary, Lisa Still, Mike Moore, Dawn O’Neil, Amy Lucy, Kevin Lowey and John Mattson
Prior Meeting Minutes:
Motion to approve: Faith; Second: Kevin - Motion Adopted
Financial Update:
- Faith Rushnak presented Financial Statements, and notes we are in good shape financially.

- 6 tickets to BTB&G sold to date and should increase with new advertising push.

- 1 Bohannon Scholarship is still not claimed, after several reaches to the student

- Down payment for the sound system has been made.

- Motion to approve Report: Pam Second: Lisa; Motion Adopted.
Board Members and Thinking Ahead:
- The committee is also looking to boost attendance for the upcoming year.
- We have many projects coming up and we could use extra hands with meetings, planning and
- Thinking ahead, several board member vacancies will open up in 2020-21 and we would like
to recruit for those positions as well.
- Some members are willing to move to another position if necessary or to assist in the
transition period fall 2020.
- The committee ponders the idea of having a representative from each team requirement to
help increase attendance and assistance.
Sports Update:
- Winter teams are doing well.
- Open House recently was well attended and several teams were there to assist with directions.
- AD thanks the NWBC for providing pizza for the evening event.
- Request by Girls Basketball to cover cost of Locking Ball Cart. After some discussion Motion
to approve $175 for Trigon Sports Locker payable to Coach Piemontese to purchase: Dawn;
Second: Faith - Motion adopted.
- Request by AD for the purchase of 2 plaques commemorating 1,000 baskets by 2 varsity
Basketball Players (1 girl/1boy). After a short discussion, Motion to approved $62 for their
purchase Kevin; Second: Jen - Motion Adopted
- AD received quotes and pricing to install poles/netting to protect ends of field from flying balls.
After discussion Motion to approve a cost up to and not exceeding $6,000: Lisa; Second: Faith
- Motion Adopted

Boost The Black & Gold
- Kevin presents a review of BTB&G mtg.
- Live Auction with 8-12 items are coming in.
- John has requested baskets from coaches for teams.
- John & Kevin did a local tv spot, Amy researching Advertising on Radio and Kevin secured a
news article. Goal for all to start appearing 3-4 weeks pre-event.
- Student Captains are secured for presentation.
- Table Sponsor Letters have been sent - Lisa requests phone numbers if anyone has those to
add to the list.
- Jen & Rhonda will coordinate re: decorations.
- Lisa asks for the link to the BTB&G spreadsheet to be shared. Pam will include in and email to
the board.

Other Business: none
Meeting adjourned @ 7:20 PM

Next Meeting
Monday, March 2 2020 - 6pm – NRHS Library


Nauset Warrior Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Monday - January 6, 2020

Location - NRHS Library

Attendance: Jen Heamer, President, Rhonda Sandison, Vice President, Faith Rushnak, Treasurer, Lisa Still, Paul Bohannon, Melanie O’Keefe, Mike Moore, Amy Lucy, Kevin Lowey and John Mattson

Prior Meeting Minutes:

- Motion to approve: Rhonda; Second: Jen- Motion Adopted
Financial Update:

-  Faith Rushnak presented Financial Statements

- All is well
- Couple of donations have come in
- MS Yeti sales going well
- Motion to approve Report: Kevin Second: Jen Motion Adopted.

Boost The Black & Gold
- CC5 agreed to be $1,500 Corp sponsor 
- Ticket $40 individual, $75 couple
- Lisa to add tickets to “Gear Store” on website
- Still looking for live auction items, sports teams to do baskets
- Girls basketball to do lottery wreath 
- A captain from each sports team to be there to greet attendees

Sports Update
- Winter sports meeting & meal went well
- Not all teams made it to the “meal” due to practices going right to meeting time
- Some teams brought in pizza as if they didn’t know we were serving a meal

- Spring sports meeting to be held in 3 separate breakout sessions
- i.e. teams assigned rooms and the Boosters, Michele and John will rotate between the rooms to give their portion of the meeting to have a more captive audience

Gear Sales Update
- Going well, people starting to order online
- First request for shipping out of state, trying to figure out the logistics of this
- Orders can now be checked off online once filled, Ed Pavlu should be allowed access to follow and check off the Yeti sales

Snack Booth Schedule
- 5 girls basketball games still need coverage, Jan 7th, 11th, 21st, 24th & Feb 11th 

Turf/Sign Update
- Scott not available much anymore due to work and unable to fulfill turf volunteer obligations
- Pausing sign selling until after the Boost the Black& Gold
- Potential boost-sign up in the spring and we will give ½ year free

Other Business:
- Boost The Black & Gold “cards” now available to hand out

Items to be included on next monthly agenda:
- Boost The Black & Gold
- Suggestions for new board appointees
- Bring a new potential member, think MS transitioning to the HS!

Next Meeting
Monday Feb 3, 2020 - 6pm – Brewster Ladies Library
5:30 for Boost The Black & Gold



Nauset Warrior Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Monday - December 2, 2019
Brewster Ladies Library 

Attendance: Rhonda Sandison-VP; Faith Rushnak-Treasurer, Pam Miller-Secretary, Kevin Lowey, Mike
Moore, Amy Lucy, Scott Yelle, Lisa Still and John Mattson
Prior Meeting Minutes: Review and note one edit, to change Lisa Still to Amy Lucy on MS Liaison
and otherwise approved. Motion to approve: Scott; Second: Rhonda- Motion Adopted
Financial Update:
- Faith presented Financial Statements
- We are on target for the year end.
- Membership and card sales were reviewed on presentation in summary and discussed.
- We would benefit to continue to push Membership and Gear sales with decreased revenue from
Snack Bar: (due to less home games this past season)
- Pam Introduced the Idea of a Giving Tuesday Campaign and presented logo.
- Lisa suggested we promote Amazon Smile through our social media as well. Approved by board to
run for one day - December 3, 2019 by Pam on Facebook.
- Motion to approve Report: Lisa, Second: Scott Motion Adopted.
Sports Update:
- Winter Sports Night upcoming on December 5
- NWBC will host dinner with hotdogs & chips at 5pm; set up at 4pm; Mtg to follow at 6pm
- Gear and Membership Sales during dinner
- Rhonda will speak at Winter Sports Meeting as well as at the Fall Sports Awards on Dec 12
- John received the confirmation from the Audio Visual Team on updating sound and they will begin
work the 3rd week of March
Boost the Black & Gold Update:
- Per handout by Kevin, Auction Items Discussed
- Photo Booth Idea Presented and the photographer can handle photos
- Pam will create postcards to get out in January/Feb to promote the event.
- Flier has been created to use on social media
- Pam is working with John M to coordinate team baskets
Gear and Membership Sales:
- Lisa checking to finalize if she can sell at the Nauset Music Festival
- New Gear on order with CC Embroidery
- We will continue to promote sales at indoor Varsity Events
- Pam to promote winter and holiday sales on social media
Sponsor Sign Update:
- Greg is finalizing the signs we have on order
- The directional signs for the turf field for “home and away” are done and with John
- We should continue to look for sponsors

MS Liaison Update:
- Sales for the Nauset Yette are happening, and we are to push on Social Media now to help them.
Other Business:
Next Meeting
Monday; January 6 - 6pm - Nauset Regional High School Library - Monthly Meeting




Monthly Board Meeting

November 11, 2019 (moved to 2nd week due to Varsity Soccer Finals)
Lowey Chiropractic, Orleans, MA

Attendance: Jen Heamer-President, Rhonda Sandison-VP, Faith Rushnak-Treasurer, Pam Miller-Secretary, Kevin Lowey, Melanie O’Keefe, Amy Lucy, Scott Yelle and John Mattson

Prior Meeting Minutes: - Motion to approve: August 2019 Minutes Jen; Second: Faith - Motion Adopted - Motion to approve: October 2019 Minutes Jen; Second: Faith - Motion Adopted 

Financial Update: - Faith presented Financial Statements
- Over all she feels we are in a good place financially
- Teams have been accessing their team accounts, and she is sure to make sure they understand the spreadsheets related to their team - HUDL sent her a check which she will investigate and report in December
- Faith would like to send a note to the secretary for the weekly email regarding memberships, Pam to send her information to include
- Faith will merge her table lines “Nauset Card Printing with Membership Expenses, as they essentially go together
- Motion to approve Report: Kevin Second: Jen Motion Adopted. 

Sponsor Sign Update: -Scott presented update
-Awaiting agreement for new sign from Lantern Lighting
-Agreement forms presented to committee should they know someone who might be interested.
-Discussion of Friends of NWBC Sign
- Scott wants to be sure not to discourage someone from buying an actual sign for the field.
-Friends of NWBC Sign pending details with Greg Vaughn and will be moved from field to gym in winter.
-Mike M coordinated indoor snack bar signs with Jenny, who John says is working on them. 

Boost the Black & Gold (BTB&G) Update:
-Meeting held 5pm this evening with planning board to discuss event and details
-Kevin is coordinating but not Chairing Event
-Kevin (Live Auction); Pam (Marketing & Team Baskets); Jen (MC); Rhonda (Decorations)
-Looking for members who might have a connection to a chef for a private lesson (ie Live Auction Item) several had connections and will report to Kevin their findings. 

Nauset Card Sales/Membership Update
- Reminder to Committee that they should have purchased their memberships as required by our
- ByLaws, if you can order those on line, that would be great, only several are outstanding Card Sales for Savings Cards are great. Memberships are low. Overall we are doing great with sales from Blitz, etc. and are on track.
- Pam has posted on Facebook several times and with Faith, sent an email to all 2018-19 buyers to boost, this did result in a few immediate sales.
- John is noting what teams are selling post blitz on the NWBC Spreadsheet 

Gear Sales Update- Lisa not present at meeting to present 

Concessions Stand/Turf Update
- Mike ask permission to send 2 broken grills to dump.
- Motion to approve Report: Faith Second: Pam Motion Adopted
- Jen states flag pole needs new flag and lights, John will bring to schools attention
- Motion to add lighting for flag pole to lighting estimate by Jen; second Rhonda Motion Adopted
- Faith states we need signs to direct Visitors and Home Team to appropriate benches.
- Motion to order signs by Pam; Second by Rhonda Motion Adopted 

Turf Sound System Update:
 - As per NWBC Request John reached out to 3+ folks for bids for upgraded sound system
- One gave a quote, and is local - installed current system
- One came out, and has not issued their quote despite John asking multiple times
- All others refused to come out this far on the cape.
- John asks us to approved Audio Associates for a Spring 2020 Installation.
- Motion to approve Quote from Audio Associates for $11K by Faith; Second Kevin; Motion Adopted 

Middle School Update:
 - Amy states that the MS Fundraiser to sell Yeti Mugs with Nauset N is ongoing.
- They have ordered 108 pieces to sell in Stanliness/Black/White with etched N (minus the gold)
- They will sell for $35/ea with a profit of $10/ea
- NWBC will not assist with sales via FB at this time
- We will upload the NMS Flier to the NWBC Website via Gear Page at this time 

Sports Meetings and Dinner: 
- Winter Sports Meeting/Dinner Scheduled for December 5th - 5-7:30p
- Faith/Jen will work on program for presentation; and update flier
- Jen will speak to Mike about preparing for 300 guests
- We will serve hot dogs, etc., as we did with Fall Sports Night
- Set up at 4pm; Dinner 5pm; Meeting 6pm
- Pam will sell cards in Cafeteria 5-6p
-Fall Sports Awards Night Scheduled for December 12 - 6-7:30pm
- We have decided who we will honor for “Nauset Strong Award”
- * Discussion in prior meeting, was to honor someone in spring, but this committee decided that fall was a better time as the crowd is larger. 

Other Business:
- Rhonda will attend the upcoming coaches meeting at 4pm with John M at The Fairway
- Discussed items she should present to coaches 

Items to be included on next month agenda: - Finalize Plans for Winter Sports/Dinner and Fall Sports Awards -



Monthly Board Meeting

October 7, 2019
Brewster Ladies Library


Attendance: Jen Heamer-President, Rhonda Sandison-VP, Faith Rushnak-Treasurer, Pam Miller, Secretary, Kevin Lowey, Melanie O’Keefe, Laura Handville, Paul Bohannon, Dawn O’Neil, Amy Lucy, Lisa Still, Mike Moore, and John Mattson 

Prior Meeting Minutes:
September Meeting Minutes by Lisa Still Motion to approve: Faith; Second: Jen - Motion Adopted 

Financial Update:
- Review of current Nauset Card Sales, issue of cards to committee member to sell independently.
- Faith presented Financial report.
Motion to approve: Lisa; Second: Rhonda- Motion Adopted
- Swim Record Board cost $314.40 to purchased 16 decals to update.
- Motion to approve Swim 

Board Cost : Faith; Second: Pam- Motion Adopted
- Membership toolkit renewal cost $450 – paid in September
- HUDL Cost has increased 20%
- Cathy Nagorski of Girls V Soccer has issued a request through the AD for Sports GPS Tracker to analyze data, which would enhance training for coach and athletes. She is requesting 1 or 2 at approximately $299. Board wishes Cathy to send 2-3 pricing options to AD, and we will approve 2trackers at a maximum cost of no more than $600.
Motion to approve GPS Trackers: Kevin; Second: Lisa - Motion Adopted
- Discussion of facility improvements John is hoping to tackle now that turf is paid o
ff, including scoreboard move and/or replacement and Audi Replacement. Discussed the immediate need.
- Discussion of Audio Cost going forward for turf field, will include $11K into budget with review of at least 2 bids for Audio Replacement.
- Motion to approve Audio Cost at this time: Jen; Second: Kevin - Motion Adopted 

Sponsor Sign Update:
- NWBC Gold Sign is up - Shout out to Tony of Nauset Maintenance, for his assistance
- Bronze Signs moved around a bit - Pine Harbor to Visitors, Ponderosa down, Landmark will also 

come down.
- Loose signs secured
- New Signs in works with Greg (waiting finishing payment and creation)
- Pricing discussed for Friends of Nauset Sign for ticket booth.
- Motion to approve cost of FON Sign 
by Jen; Second: Faith - Motion Adopted 

Boost the Black & Gold Gala (BTB&G):
- Set for 4-7pm and earlier time with a new theme/feel 

- Discussion of ideas, Casino Night, Masquerade, etc
- Team Baskets will be included - Pam Miller will head this up with Lisa DeLong
- We will o
ffer 12 Live Auction Items, Kevin Lowey will head this up, committee members to let 

Kevin know if they get any of those.
- Next mtg 10/21 at Lowey Chiropractic to discuss in more detail.
- Pam to send out FB Posts encouraging folks to join planning committee

Other Business:
- Homecoming Football Script is complete with thank you included for our sponsors, concessions, gear and membership. Boosters should email Michele any announcements to be included.
- Jen updated website with a link to Nauset Sports Twitter, and updated Membership
- Winter Sports Meeting Dec 5th - Jen Heamer unavailable (out of town) - Fall Sports Night
- 12/12 - Middle School Fundraiser selling YETI Mugs
- Good Eats in Eastham is o
ffering to host Team Gatherings in basement at $5/pp includes Pizza, 

Soda and games 

Gear Sales Update:
- Lisa has ordered some new items to sell at homecoming and other games 

Membership: - Reminder that all booster members should have memberships, please order on line or see Pam post meeting.

Items to be included on next month agenda: - Booster Member - Memberships outstanding - Nauset Card Sales Update by Teams, Committee Members and Online - BTB&G Update - Sign Update - Sports Meeting Dinner - Any New Member Voted In 

Next Meeting:
November 4, 2019 - 6pm - Brewster Ladies Library - Monthly Meeting 


Monthly Board Meeting
September 9, 2019
Nauset Regional High School Library 

Attendance Attendance:
Jen Heamer-Pres, Rhonda Sandison-VP, Faith Rushnak-Treasurer, Lisa Still, John Mattson, Kevin Lowey, Dawn O’Neill, Amy Voll, Nancy Covell, Amy Lucy, Melanie O’Keefe

Minutes from prior meeting:
Tabled until next meeting 

Financial Update:
Faith presented financials
- Bronze turf sign renewals were doing well in August and several had also been renewed in September.
- The Turf bank account has been closed, with all remaining funds transferred to the general account
. - Committee chairs to review the budget for the coming year to adjust estimated income/expenses
. - Lisa requested that the Gear income be increased to $6,000 with expenses increased to $4,000.
- Lisa moved that the budget and financial reports be accepted, Jen seconded. Unanimously approved.
Motion to approve: Lisa S; Second: Scott - Motion Adopted 

Turf Update Turf Update:
- Kevin reported that the subcommittee met; discussed needs such as nets at both ends of the turn field (est $10,000). 

- additional scoreboard for opposite end of field - new audio system - new lighting because to be able to tell potential sponsors what we are raising money for - turf sponsors not renewing after expiration of the 5
-year contract to be given additional year to display signs up as a “thank you” - wording and pricing for new turf sponsorship contracts revised - 5% discount will be given on a 2-year turf sponsorship contract If turf sponsor pays in full - ladder sign to be installed to recognize all turf sponsors with Greg Vaughn estimate
- Kevin passed around a list of businesses who were previously asked or expressed interest in being a turf sponsor for Board members to review and possibly approach
- Committee will update the list for the next meeting. - Board discussed ideas on smaller donation levels. 

Evening of Champions Evening of Champions:
- Jen discussed turning the event into a Casino night at a cost of $3,500 at Ocean Edge
- Event will not including catering
- Discussion regarding changing date to afternoon of Sunday, March 15
- John Terrio would be available as auctioneer 

- food service would be heavy hors d’oeuvers.
- Suggestion to offer team baskets only, rather than baskets and silent auction items.
- Jen reminded everyone that a new chairperson and volunteers were needed.
- Remainder of discussion tabled until next meeting or with subcommittee. 

Fall Sports Meeting Recap:
- Jen thanked everyone. She received great feedback from all.
- Dr. Elsasser is interested in doing something similar for winter and Spring meetings. 

Nauset Card Blitz Weekend Nauset Card Blitz Weekend:
- John handed out schedule for weekend, asking each Board member to take a location/shift.
- Pam and Bruce will put together boxes for each team/location
- Deliver to John for coaches to pick up.
- The Board member assigned to each location/shift will pick up the box from the team at that location at the end of the last shift.
- John stated that $5 from each card sold will go to teams based upon number of shifts per team.
- Watch your emails for further instructions from Pam. 

Website help Website help:
- Tabled until next meeting 

Windmill Weekend update Windmill Weekend update:
Boosters sold on Sunday only because of weather and 19 cards were sold. 

Next Meeting Next Meeting
Monday, October 7, 2019 at 6pm at Brewster Ladies Library




Nauset Warrior Booster Club Meeting Minutes
Monday - August 5, 2019
Nauset HS Library - 6pm


Attendance: Jen Heamer-President, Rhonda Sandison-VP, Faith Rushnak-Treasurer, Kevin Lowey, Lisa Still, Dawn O’Neil, Amy Lucy, Amy Voll, Melanie O’Keefe, Nancy Covell, and John Mattson. 

Prior Meeting Minutes:

Motion to approve: Tabled until next meeting
Financial Update:

-  Faith presented August Financial Statements

-  Turf Account has been closed officially, remaining funds transferred to the general fund
- Committee Chairs should review budget for upcoming year to adjust expected income/expenses.

- Request from Lisa Still to increase Gear Income be increased to $6,000, and expenses to $4,000.

- Motion to approve:Lisa - Second: Jen - Unanimously  Approved 

Sponsor Sign Update:
- We continue to receive some sign sponsorships 

Turf Committe:

- Has met and made some recommendations for upcoming wishes, including nets, lighting, audio system, additional scoreboard, 

- Some discussion on why the committee felt these wishes would enhance the field.

- Some discussion on how to honor those that have contributed over the years to the success of the field, a possible sign.

- The committee will get pricing and ideas from Greg Vaughn for Oct Meeting

- Discussion on new ideas for smaller sponsorship levels on the field 

Evening for Champions:
- Presentation from Jen on new idea of Casino Night for 2019 at Ocean Edge, with cost of $3,500

- Jen has been in contact with John Terrio who is available for that evening.

- Food would be heavy h’orderves

- Only Team Baskets vs Silent Auction Items

- We are in need of event Chair and Volunteers

Fall Sports Meeting Recap
- Jen thanked everyone for a successful evening

- Great feedback from Principal Elsasser, and is interested in Winter and Spring Events 

Nauset Card Blitz
- John has issued scheduling for the weekend

- Board Members will cover each location for pickup of money, etc.

- Pam and Bruce will put together team boxes and deliver to John

- Each Board Member will be responsible for the money and deliver to John M Monday with any remaining cards

- $5 from each card will go to teams  

Website Help
- Tabled to next meeting 

Other Business:
Windmill Festival had weather issues, but Sunday were able to sell 19 cards

Next Meeting

Monday - October 7,, 2019

5:30pm - Discussion of Evening for Champions
6:00pm - General Meeting - Brewster Ladies Library