Show Nauset Pride & Become a Booster!!


What is a Booster?

A Booster is a supporter of our Athletes and Athletic Programs, from parents of students, to community members and Alumni.

A Booster is someone that cheers on our teams and wants our teams to have the supplies & equipment needed.

We offer our support need to successfully compete.


Get your membership below, and proudly say, "I am a Nauset Booster!"



Do I Have to Volunteer to Be a Booster?

No.  Of course we will ask for volunteers, we are all volunteers ourselves but it is not part of the commitment.

We always will need volunteers to make sure our fundraising efforts successfully occur and that the same folks aren't always the ones volunteering so feel free to step in if you have some free time!

For those that are simply too busy to take on another role, it is absolutely fine to just be a paid member!


What do we do?

Prepare for events, discuss needs given to us by coaches and have fun! We fully funded the turf field. We provide funding for coach training.

We provide the extra's that are not always available in the athletic budget


Because we feel athletics are an important part of the high school experience, we are proud of a school that offers them at no cost!


How do I get involved?

We meet at 6:00 the 1st Monday of every month rotating between the Nauset High School Library and the Brewster Ladies Library.


NEXT MEETING  Mon. 9/9/19 @ 6pm- Nauset High School  Library


When you go a step further and volunteer to help with events—or join our board— you set a fine example for our students to follow.

You will greatly encourage staff, parents and community.


Check out our minutes to see some of the topics we discuss and the way YOU can impact athletics at Nauset with minimal involvement!


Nauset Warrior Booster Club - PO Box 2174 - Orleans, MA 02653 -

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