NWBC Membership

What is a Booster?
A Booster is a supporter of our Athletes and Athletic Programs, from parents of students, to community members and Alumni.  A Booster is someone that cheers on our teams and wants our teams to have the supplies, uniforms, equipment and support they need to successfully compete.  

Do I Have to Volunteer to Be a Booster?
Of course we will ask for volunteers, we are all volunteers ourselves.  We will need volunteers to make sure our fundraising efforts successfully occur but for those that are simply too busy to take on another role, it is absolutely fine to just be a paid member!

Sign up today and proudly say “I’m a Booster!”

GOLD Card Members ($75 each)
Recommended for Families of Student Athletes
Nauset Savings Card with Gold Logo - grants holder and 1 more person free entrance to Varsity Home Athletic Games.

Students eligible for Bohannon Scholarship Application in Spring 2020


BLACK Card Members ($40 each)
Nauset Savings Card and Member Sticker.

Students eligible for Bohannon Scholarship Application in Spring 2020

BASIC Memberships ($25 each)
Receive a Member Card for your wallet and a NWBC Sticker


Where does your membership money go?

The Nauset Warriors Booster Club “Supporting ALL High School Sports” was founded and organized on the belief, that participation in athletics should be included in the educational experiences offered to all students attending Nauset Regional High School. The Booster Club encourages the interscholastic athletic program in which opportunities are provided for students with athletic interests and ability to fully develop and utilize their talent through organized competition with students of similar ability from other schools.

$100,000 raised, since establishing.
Here are some examples of where they money goes.

Managed the fund raising for the new turf field, Community Turf @Nauset 
Contributed 35% of the cost of ALL unfunded teams 
Covered 100% of the cost for needy students to participate in unfunded teams
Awarded 11 Bohannon Scholarships to Nauset scholar/athletes 
Funded each of 3 Seasonal Athlete Award Nights 
Funding of Senior Award Night 
Produced Seasonal Sports Books showcasing each Nauset Team.

We believe that every family attending Nauset should help support our athletic program.